Winter cuisine – warmth, strength and cosiness

Turn up the heat, please – our winter culinary selection is full of warmth, strength and a pinch of cosiness to carry us through the cold season until spring. Enjoy our warm & cold winter gourmet buffet with an assortment of fine winter-themed dishes with delicious starters, various fish and meat specialties as well as desserts.


On offer from New Year until the end of February 2019 – our winter buffet selection for you:



Fried mushrooms marinated in balsamic vinegar

Braised courgette with creamy ricotta

Serrano ham with Galia melon and rocket salad

Creamed soup of potato and pumpkin


Main course

Suckling pig roast with rosemary jus, creamed cabbage and butter spaetzle

Grilled fillet of pike-perch with spinach and pommes parisienne



Chocolate and chilli mousse with stewed plums and roasted almonds

Crêpes au gratin with a blueberry and vanilla sauce filling


On request, we can also make some of the dishes vegetarian/vegan/lactose free for you. Please contact us to find out more. For further details of the dishes from our Winter selection, come in for a personal consultation with our Catering Team. We look forward to any questions you may have!

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